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Assembly services

Years of expertise in the fencing trade have refined our meticulous attention to detail and skill in following complex instructions. This expertise extends to our additional services, including the assembly and installation of various large outdoor products shipped in flat boxes. From Gazebos to Pergolas, Carports, and more, we handle it all. Trust Fence First to expertly bring your pergola and other outdoor project ideas to life!


Elevate your outdoor space with a magnificent pergola or gazebo, creating a luxurious haven for family and guests. These beautiful structures not only serve as striking focal points in your garden or yard but also add a touch of elegance to your property. At Fence First, we make it effortless to turn your dreams into reality. Select your favorite pergola or gazebo kit from any store or online, and rely on us for professional, hassle-free installation.


Here at Fence First, we see a LOT of fences. We see fences that need repair. We see fences that need to be replaced. We also see fences that are perfectly functional and structurally sound. They could just use a good cleaning. Not only does a good fence cleaning restore your fence to its former glory, but it also gets it ready for sealing and or staining. We are proudly offering fence cleaning services because we want as many people as possible to have a great fence!


We install many types of automatic gates and are here to help you plan and decide which option is best suited to your property needs. You can choose to have your gate open with an automatic sensor, remote, or even your phone!

These convenient machines can even be powered via solar panel, when access to electricity is not possible.


Not only will we assemble any bench or table you can find, we can also make it a permanent part of your yard or business location. We can also design and build custom benches and tables on-site, in countless different varieties and configurations. So, you're not only sparing yourself the hassle of assembly and installation, you'll have a pleasant spot to relax and think about the brilliant decision you made by calling Fence First!


Give the children you love recess at home with a playground or play set! We have the tools, knowledge, and experience to ensure your set is installed to the highest safety standards. There are many options out there, and we can help you choose which style is best for you, or you can just contact us when you need assembly and installation. 


Railing is also something that is right in our wheelhouse. Think of it as fencing's nice little brother. We design and install many types and styles of railing. There is a large variety of choices out there, and we are here to help you decide which railing suits your needs. So, whether its a decorative railing or a wheelchair ramp, Fence First is proud to be at your service. 

Fence First is your one-stop shop for many of your outdoor construction needs. Whether you’re looking for a great fence, or pergola, or in need of assembly services, Fence First is here for you. Chat today for your free estimate!

More than just a pretty fence.

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